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The Las Vegas music scene is sprawling and scattered. It’s also home to lots of talented artists—you just need to know where to look. This week, we’re handing out a little extra help in that department, as we spotlight Caravels and nine other local acts making noise in 2013. Read about them here and give ’em a listen; you just might discover your new favorite band.

And don’t stop there. Dozens of local bands deserve a place on your playlist. Consider this simply a starting point.

Who: A community of artists with a scope beyond music, bringing rappers, DJs, painters and even graphic designers into a creative cooperative. The most active members include Synickle, Omino Jakku, Samson, Mikey VIP, Prez, Mr. Ebranes, Imagewone, C.H.R.O.M.E., Shamroc, Phraze, Post Scripted and Pawnshop.
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The Scoop: If a rising tide raises all ships, the same must hold true for beats and rhymes, right? Campfire Music’s mission is to elevate Las Vegas hip-hop through collaboration—and what founding rapper Jakku calls “friendly competition.”

It seems to be working. The Campfire crew has been on a productive tear lately, releasing nearly 10 albums and mixtapes in 2012, including a Kendrick Lamar-hosted Coast 2 Coast Mixtape, featuring eight Campfire artists. And Campfire shows no signs of slowing down. “It’s a new year, and we all feel a sense of impatient excitement for what’s to come,” Jakku says.

Already slated for the near future: the Prez mixtape H.A.T.E.R.S., the Jakku street album Destro (mixed by DJ September 7th) and Mr. Ebranes’ LP The Wonderful World Of. Though musical genres within the group can span from gangsta to old-skool to instrumental, a common thread runs through all of Campfire’s projects: a family attitude and a feel-good vibe.