Where are you from?

Battle born baby!!! I’m a native Nevadian I was raised in Moapa valley and I moved to Las Vegas when I was 17. Been kickin sand in people’s faces ever since.

Who or What inspired you to do music?

I love attention I’m always the life of the party and I feel insecure if everyone in the room isn’t staring at me so naturally I love being on stage with all eyes on me!  Let the haters hate while their girlfriends fantasize about lick’n cool whip off my banana split… With nuts lol

When did you know you wanted to be in the Music industry?

Well I was asked to do a song at a pep rally, so I went home and memorized new jack city by ice T hahaha H-U-S-T-L-E-R Hustlaaa that shit was dope!! Anyways I ripped it at the pep rally and everyone went bonkerz even the faculty soooo yeah I was bit by the bug instantly and quickly became that kid everyone called (the rapper) haaaa small town jargon is so intelligent.  I was also the only kid in my school with mc hammer pants lmfao mustard with polka dots hahahaha

What has been the hardest part about doing music?

I think just being able to put up with the hurry up and wait aspect drives me crazy! Everyone says they’re going to do something but very seldom do. It’s hard to even want to listen to the false promises when I already live like a rock star, feel me? It’s hard to chase a dream when your already living one but I’ve realized that there different levels of fun so I’m focused and determined to get the big check and go on these tours!  My bus is going to be like a brothel hahahaha except I get paid and these broads get serviced!

Who have you worked with?

Too short, The game, B real, cypress hill, The eastsiders, E 40, babyface, yukmouth, my dude Euroz who’s on fiyaaaaa right now, Figi, Aaron hall, Ivan moody from 5 finger death punch, Jake E Lee from ozzy, American heat charge, I’ve worked with some dope ass producers too like Will Skills R.I.P my friend! J classic who is Baby Dre all day! My guy élan who work with Bruno and has that molten lava and a plethora of amazing musicians that help me with post production to give my shit that huge sound you’ve grown to love.

What is your current fav song that you have done?

Probably Bus stop, it’s going to be 0n my new album and its going be big I promise! I got one that’s GOING to make me a household name (if your mom’s hot I might already be lol) I promise this song will touch you. It’s an ode to fatherhood and the struggle to make it in this industry so I can feed my little rosebud… It gives me chill bumps EVERY TIME so I know it’s a hit

Who are the main artists you listen to right now?

I like Jeezy, T.i, I bump some Chris webby, I like avenged sevenfold, I love Alice in chains. I like Bruno, I fuck with Gucci, B.O.B, and I like Travie McCoy. I like allot of shit.

Who would you want to do a collaboration with?

I want to do a collaboration with everyone dope. I love making songs with other artists it’s the best part for me. Just to see what direction there going in opposed to what I was feeling, it’s dope

What are you currently working on that your fans should look out for?

I’m working on my new mix tape, the second volume to HEAVY METAL SWAGG. It’s called, “FATE-ALICA” HAHAHA I know I’m amazing hahaha

What do you have to say to the nay sayers?

Swallow bitch!  The haters are just fuel to my flame my dude, there my gasoline so I need them! I’ve always been the type that likes to prove a know it all wrong, so to all the lames with their crystal balls that knew I wasn’t going to do it…  Thank you for the motivation!

Anything else you want to add?

I want say I love & appreciate all my dudes that have had faith in me even when I didn’t! All the people that picked me up and dusted me off when I crashed!! To my street team/go2guyz Timmy the tiger (He’s GRRRREAT!), Big Mike,  Donald from D.W.G. Management and all the beautiful women that help sponsor the monster, thank you with every bone in my body!! Tomorrow is not promised so live every moment like it’s your last and never look back we’re not GOING that way!  Fate the big homie