Mikey VIP

Let me break down the whole Team VIP
TEAM VIP is anybody that’s fuckin with me!
From rapper’s singer’s actor’s DJ’s etc etc. Even if u have your own Label, Crew, Set or Click….If You Fuck with Me your on my team. So that being said that means i got LOVE for you… and we kick it, break bread, and do business.
So if your FAKE and I havent found out that your FAKE, LET ME KNOW so i can stop fucking with ya. Thanks HATER’s…..I just felt the need to POST THIS SHIT.


Mikey VIP is an up-and-coming young talent in the hip-hop scene.Getting his name from working at a local radio station, Hot 97.5 KVEG as a member of the street team, VIP is a 26 year old whos pursuit to find his own identity in Las Vegas has lead him into a world full of lyrical expression. Mickey VIP AKA Michael Porter grew up in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. He was introduced to rap music due to his uncles exposure to artist such as Run DMC, LL Cool J, Fat Boys, Slick Rick and NWA. From there the love for hip-hop grew. Not until ‘96 did he try him self to write. He began making rough drafts and freestylin in 2002 after being inspired by a hard break up. He recorded his first song to the Jay-Z hit, Song Cry. What began as a mixtape track quickly turned into much more.

VIP takes you to “the underworld” of Vegas, the “behind the scenes” look. On July 26, 2006 Mikey VIP dropped his first project “VIP ACCESS” under Section 8 records. The cd quickly gained recognition as one of the best mixtapes to come out of Vegas yet.
Consisting of remix club banger, break up songs and hyphy with many features. Pain and emotion continue to be VIP’s process. As his music continues to evolve VIP creates graphic yet refreshing lyrics in the pursuit of getting Las Vegas on the hip-hop map. VIP has appeared on almost every hip-hop stage in Vegas and has received much acclaim from the crowd everytime his holds the mic. Now with one of the most respected rap crews in Las Vegas, CAMPFIRE MUSIC, VIP can be seen in numerous clubs and venues hosting and staying in the lime light.