Omino Jakku – Ominous

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Las Vegas based artist Omino Jakku comes to the Hip Hop table with his musical inventory of Napalm and Molotov cocktails. Co-founder of Campfire Music, a longtime staple in the community and music scene in Las Vegas, created in 2001 with the intent of creating great independant music with his partner and band member Synickle, to which they have a group “POLY HYLO” which has gained much notoriety on its own with 2 retail albums out already.

He continues to make real music but this time on his own terms. As of late his music, which used to be likened to underground genre, is more of a street realism with real life woes and the social pressures mixed with international new age music while remaining true to his love of hip hop. He has worked with many local artists, as songwriter, producer, or feature.. but now is taking a serious role in promoting his POV of the world through melodies, hooks that resonate and lyrical content that gives you things to think about. Ominous. Intro
02-oN aggiN (Prod. by BlackJaxx)
03-Everything’s Fine (Duck’s Song)(Prod. by Sic Tha Blac Falcon – Campfire Music)
04-UFO (Prod. by J Dilla)(Cuts by DJ Yoshe – Cali Untouchables)
05-C.A.B. feat. Dubbler (Prod. by Dr. Dre)
06-Roomies (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
07-Bars & Blues Interlude feat. Kazi
08-Bumegetinmune (Prod. by Lord Quest)
09-Black Snake Lex Diamonds Interlude
10-Finish Line (Prod. by Vin Da Chin)
11-Full Circle (Prod. by Omino Jakku)
12-Sweet 2 Dem Belly feat. Phoenix Orion)(Prod. by Post Scripted – Campfire Music)
13-We Real (Prod. by J Dilla)
14-Rollin’ (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
15-Get Up feat. Samson & Tagz1 (Prod. by Omino Jakku & DBA)(Cuts by DJ Shanestream)
16-Spazz (Prod. by Pharrell)
17-To All The Girls… (Prod. by Scoop DeVille)
18-One Night (Visitourists)(Prod. by Styles Davis)
19-Gonna Do feat. Synickle (Prod. by Styles Davis)
20-The Matchstick (Joni)(Prod. by Phil A)
21-Smell The Flowers (Prod. by DJ Shanestream)
22-Numb (WDGAF)(Prod. by Noah 40)
23-Constellation Boy (Prod. by Omino Jakku)
24-The Breaks (Prod. by Styles Davis)