Selby Griego grew up in Las Vegas with his mother who has been a great presence in his life. Being raised by a strong woman influenced and inspired him to achieve greatness and empowered him with wisdom and a desire to succeed. His family’s history is rich with experience in music having a grandfather and uncles who excelled in the music industry to the heights of being honorably recognized in the Las Vegas and Arizona Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Rhythm and musical foundation came naturally to young Selby, by the time he was in high school, Griego had already discovered his talent through spoken poetry, grooved his way into a regionally recognized hip hop dance troop called Culture Shock and made waves in the Las Vegas and California music scenes doing some early recordings with his high school R&B group “Full Effect” under direction of Wyclef Jean and Jamie Fox and Fox Hall Studios.   Performing had become as natural as breathing but his art was only just beginning to form.

At the age of 20 Selby “Prez” began his internship at One Vibe Studios which later led him to drop his first solo album under 777 Records called “Campaign” where several songs featured talent from his grandfather, uncles and his brother.  Prez discovered that his passion for music was more than just a love, it became his life, his culture.  Finding freedom in the elements of hip hop, he began to explore his strengths and realized what all his training was meant for.

In 2009 he became part of one of Las Vegas’s largest underground hip hop communities called Campfire Music, by then working on his 3rd album “Vote 4 Prez.”  By this time, Prez’s opportunities were already flourishing, he was performing on radio stations, in venues throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California.  He has opened and recorded for various known acts such as E40, Mims, Pitbull, Schoolboy Q, the Rejects, Mistah Fab, Twista, Snoop Dogg, 2 Pistols and Sean Paul (Young Bloods) just to name a few.

Now Prez’s world comes full circle as a leader among his peers and an inspiration of strength and focus for the youth.  He is a grandson, a son, a brother, a nephew, a man.  A man who, as “Prez”, has become a rock of talent with a clear vision and a direct goal for his future.