Many people mark the beginning of the hip hop game in 1979 with the release of Rappers Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang. Out of New Jersey, this group rivaled the Bronx based sound and brought rap music onto the top forty charts. Born right during the conception of hip hop is the artist that will take the music into the next millenium. Also, a native of Englewood, New Jersey, Se7en was born October 12, 1979. The strong rap influence of the time did not go unnoticed. Since pre-adolescence, he embraced the art form and, early on, it became a focal part of his life. At the mere age of 10, he had his first showcase. His lyrical skills enchanted the crowd during a grade school talent show. This was to be the commencement of a life long ambition.

In 1994, Se7en joined “Orphanage”. The solo artist finally found a new home where he could display his artistic ideas and grow with others that held the same dream as him. As an artist Se7en displays a presence that is undeniable. With a deep, dark voice that makes men take notice and women woo, Se7en is the perfect combination of street and sexy. His charisma and sex appeal keep everyone coming back for more. Se7en’s commanding voice and thougt provoking lyrics are illustrated in his versatile musical style. His is a musical enigma. At first listen, he appears to have a hard feel listen again and the lyrical word play is heard loud and clear. Although he takes his music very seriously, Se7en is not afraid to project an air of levity. This a man with a style of his own.

As part of a Jersey based group “Orphanage”, Se7en30 has been in shows with artists such as the late great Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, and Method Man. As a solo performer, he has penned songs such as “Dreamn’ on my Dean”, and “Paper”. His lyrical depth is illustrated in “Spelling Bee” and “Modern Day Hell”. The blend of perfect delivery and meaningful lyrics grabs the listener and makes an immediate impact. The fact that he has been developing his art for the better part of his life is evident. Se7en is ready to be heard and the world needs to hear him!!!