“I’ve made it a goal to not practice mediocrity,” says Las Vegas’ own Hip Hop rookie turned veteran Shamroc the Seperatist. “Music has been one of the reasons I’m not in bad, next to my daughter.” Knowing the likes of many top artists in the scene, This multi-cultured spirit comes alive through the eyes of this eclectic musician in its entirety, Shamroc the Seperatist is self proclaimed “the voice of a troubled youth.”
Son of a slain ex Panther, Shamroc’s views and beliefs combine to make a hurricane of great noise, as well as his non belief to interpersonal quarrel.
“Everyone is so segregated out here, no one wants to step outside their personal comfort levels,” states the green to-the-teeth, unorthodox artist. Doing many performances in Las Vegas, Shamroc, or Robert has been gaining rapport with other artists, locally and internationally, opening up for known west coast, and east coast veterans for well over 7 years.
“People mainly call me if they want to start or end the venue with a gigantic BANG,” Speaking in reference to The Black Book Sessions Alumni Allstars, ” That of which I was for 3 and a half years!”
Some call him an outstanding friend, a devoted husband, or a “dope emcee,” The Seperatist states, he just wants to be in this scene, to become more would be the greatest thing to happen to him.
Moving all around the metropolitan area, Shamroc has seen many faces, as well as become the topic of discussion in some locations as well.
“It’s not all bad here, as well as not all good, you just have to learn how to live wherever you are.”
“I also deejay, dance, and is now in school for my passion, I only strive to be nothing shorter than the best at what I do.”
Shamroc’s eccentric approach to music, as well as his ever-optimistic vision has placed this multiple capabilities artist in the upper bracket in his location as “a true archetype in the Las Vegas Hip Hop scene.”
A definite keep for eclectic music collectors.