The Good Foot is a REVOLUTION to Vegas Hip Hop

Raquel Sanchez | Published on April 14th, 2011 | View Source

The Good Foot at REVOLUTION Lounge every Thursday night

Its back.  All four Hip Hop elements sneak onto the strip every Thursday night inside REVOLUTION Ultra Lounge at The Mirage.   The nightclub surrounds itself with Grafitti artwork, DJ’s spinning funky fresh beats and circles of bboys and bgirls getting down!!

Once you walk thru the lighted REVOLUTION letters and get to the door man, just mention “The Good Foot” and walk right in.  For only $10 the females get open bar and the fellas pay $20.  As you enter the dark psychedelic cave and get closer to the colored lights and bumping music pumping out, you turn the corner and get a glance of a true a Hip Hop elements party!  With the Vegas Hip Hop and dance community finding a new place to chill and really get down on The Good Foot, its also nice when visitors stumble in and enjoy the free show of breaking, artwork and a good time!

This party is by Haze1der of Filpadelik LLP n CMax, Hassib Wahab of of REVOLUTION LOUNGE and supported by  Knuckleheads, House of Reps, Full Force, RSK (Rock Skittles Krew), Tunay Ink, Jabbawockez, BBoy Ben, Johnny Fever, Campfire Music, Battle Born, High Definition,, The Bridge, DJ Filtom Lord Q, Universal Bboy radio show, DJ SUmKiD, Image 1. Gminor from 104.3 and