Vegas musicians share the tracks they’ve been listening to

By Jason Harris | Source

Jason Aragon (The Clydesdale/Same Sex Mary)

“Firecracker” by Skorchamenza. “An older song by an older Vegas band. When I hear it I visualize a big, manly truck driving off-road through some rugged desert landscape. It’s aggressive and sexy, and there’s barely any of that left in Vegas.”

Felony Melony (The Objex)

“In on the Self Medicator” by Deadhand. “The meaning I get from this tune reminds me of a saying: You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

Melissa Marth (The Big Friendly Corporation)

“Weepy Horn” by The Clydesdale. “I love Paige’s vocals and [my husband] Andrew’s doubled acoustic guitar solo.”

Matt Frantom (Caravels)

“Oh My Goblet!” by Lester Freamon. “Blending groovy and ferocious hardcore with intricate, interweaving guitar melodies. Damn, I love this band.”

Trevor Jones (Trevor and the Joneses)

“Umbra Penumbra” by Black Camaro. “A singles’ single from an albums’ album. This song would be a nice introduction for somebody that hasn’t been open to the idea that ‘local bands’ can make world-class masterpieces.”

Austin Jeffers (Last Call)

“Tidal Waves” by Narrowed. “Intense and thick. It flows with energy, but makes me feel sad. I love when music gives you emotions that you need to sort out in order to process.”

Jackson Wilcox (A Crowd of Small Adventures)

“Forbidden Love” by Same Sex Mary. “I love the simple and sparse instrumentation. The track pays off big with lyrics I can really get behind and gets to the heart of why I love Same Sex Mary as songwriters.”

Mikey VIP

“On My Way” by Samson. “A really triumphant anthem track. Talk about being successful in the music industry and putting in years of work. It’s finally paying off.”

Eric Rickey (Most Thieves)

“Devil’s Choir” by Dusty Sunshine. “I love the soulfulness of the vocals and the swingin’ groove. The vocal build in the breakdown section and the crescendo of the song afterwards is a great dynamic change.”

Jenine Cali (The Dirty Hooks)

“Zebraska” by Black Camaro. You know when you like a song in the first 10 seconds? When you catch yourself humming the tune shortly after listening to it, I think that’s a good sign, a sign of good songwriting.”